The Highest Rated Captiva Island House Rentals

Sea Oats Captiva Island

Sanibel Island’s rental market is predominantly made up of condo’s, while Captiva is primarily house rentals. For the purposes of this article we are going to largely ignore properties located in the South Seas Resort, as that would be an entire article in itself. If you are looking for South Seas rental properties please check here: South Seas VRBO Rental Listings

Captiva is a beautiful island that often gets overshadowed by it’s nextdoor neighbor Sanibel Island. Sure, Captiva is much smaller, but that doesn’t mean it is any less beautiful. Sanibel is often renowned for it’s beautiful uncrowded beaches, but not many know that Captiva’s beaches are actually even less crowded than Sanibel’s. The water is generally a touch clearer on Captiva compared to Sanibel as well. Captiva house rentals are some of the most high demand rental properties in the United States, making them extremely exclusive and difficult to book.

The Top Rated Captiva Island House Rentals

Double King Suite Beachfront Rental with 4 Person Golf Cart

Captiva Island Rentals

This is the perfect rental for a couples vacation. The two king suites make a perfect setup for a 4 adult trip, but there is also a loft with a sleeping area for an additional 2 kids as well. With beachfront views from every room in the house, this is a magical rental that is extremely hard to book. If you manage to find availability, do not hesitate to book it. This property is usually booked out over a year in advance

Captiva Island House Rentals VRBO

The newly remodeled kitchen is equipped with high end Sub Zero appliances. Whether you choose to cook meals in our take the included 4 seat golf cart to the area’s many restaurants, delicious meals are always near by. This house is actually walking distance down the beach from The Mucky Duck (The Mucky Duck Website) and RC Otter’s (RC Otter’s Website), without even using the golf cart. With over 60 verified reviews, this amazing house has an average review score of an unblemished 5.0/5.0, and we can’t recommend it enough. Average VRBO Review Score: 5.0/5.0 (60+ reviews) Check Availability and Rates: Double King Suite Beachfront Rental Captiva Island VRBO Listing

“Beach Daisy” a 3BR Family Beachfront Captiva Rental House

Captiva Island VRBO

Beach Daisy is a wonderful 3 bedroom beachfront Captiva Island rental house that is located in about the best possible location on Captiva Island. Perfectly situated at the end of Captiva Drive, you are a short walk or golf cart trip from all of the shops and restaurants of Captiva Island. The included 4 person. golf cart makes exploring the island easy. Golf carts are street legal on the entire island of Captiva.

Beach Daisy Captiva

We love this Captiva Island rental house because it is not only an amazing 2 bedroom cottage, it has a separate 3rd bedroom in a beautiful guest house. This separate guest house set up can be just the extra space you need in certain family situations if you get what I mean. Not surprisingly, Beach Daisy comes in at a flawless 5.0/5.0 average review score. You won’t regret renting this property. Average VRBO Review Score: 5.0/5.0 (60+ reviews) Check Availability and Rates: “Beach Daisy” Captiva Island House Rental VRBO Listing

“Tropical Breeze” a 5BR 6BA Captiva Island House Rental with Heated Pool

Captiva Island House Rentals

Tropical Breeze is a large luxury vacation house rental located about 50 yards from the beach. This house is significantly cheaper because it isn’t beachfront, making it a little more accessible price wise. There is a ton of entertaining space in this property, from the beautiful tiki bar to the game room to the heated covered pool. The large pool is inside the heated Lanai, making year round swimming a comfortable option.

Captiva house rental VRBO

This house is located on Wightman Lane, in the Captiva Village neighborhood of Captiva. The beach is located at the end of this quiet street, just a minute walk away. If you are ok with being a short walk away from the beach, this house will not disappoint. Average VRBO Review Score: 5.0/5.0 (65+ reviews) Check Availability and Rates: “Tropical Breeze” Captiva Island House Rental VRBO Listing

“Sea Oats” a High End Captiva Island Mansion Rental

Sea Oats Captiva Island

Sea Oats is an award winning luxury Captiva mansion rental. Named the “#1 Beach House Rental in Florida” by Coastal Living Magazine, Sea Oats is one amazing house. With 11 bedrooms and 9 baths, this house is rated to sleep 30 guests. This is the perfect property to host an unforgettable wedding reception or corporate outing.

Captiva Island Mansion Rental

The pool and outdoor spaces included with this property are incredible. There is even a lighted full size tennis court. This is an expensive property for sure, but for a once in a lifetime experience, Sea Oats is tough to beat. Average VRBO Review Score: 5.0/5.0 (35+ reviews) Check Availability and Rates: “Sea Oats” Luxury Captiva Island Mansion VRBO Listing

“Sea Palms Estate” The Most Luxurious (And Expensive) House Rental on Captiva Island

Sea Palms Estate Captiva

Sea Palms Estate is one of the most incredible house rentals that we have ever featured on our website. With a view of the beautiful Captiva Island beach to die for, this house is one you need to see more pictures of than we have space for in this article. This is also one of the most expensive house rentals we have ever featured. Even if this house doesn’t quite fit your budget, it sure is fun to check out. Average VRBO Review Score: 5.0/5.0 (10+ reviews) Check Availability and Rates: “Sea Palms Estate” Captiva House Rental VRBO Listing

Sea Palms Estate House Rental

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