Top 5 Highest Rated Jekyll Island Vacation Rentals

Updated 8/2/22 As a follow-up to our last article on hidden gem beachfront rentals on the Georgia coast (view article) we decided to take a deeper dive into Jekyll Island house rentals. In this guide, we will be highlighting the highest rated Jekyll Island vacation rentals that are available at the time of writing. There are a ton of house, cottage, and condo rentals available through VRBO Jekyll Island, and a lot with pretty poor reviews. On the brightside, there are some really good vacation rentals out there, you just have to know how and where to look. Hopefully by using this guide you can pick a rental that is one of the good ones. Even if you don’t stay at one of the units on our list, our goal is to give you a head start on what to look for to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

5. Ocean Cottage #111, a 3BR Beachfront Jekyll Island Vacation Rental

The Cottages at Jekyll Island is the newest housing development on the island, and have a variety of beautiful houses available to rent. We picked Ocean Cottage #111 because it is about as close to the beach as it gets. Another big bonus with this Jekyll Island vacation rental is that it includes an awesome street legal golf cart as well as 2 bicycles. The Cottages of Jekyll Island complex includes a ton of amenities, from the beautiful central clubhouse and pool to the huge fitness center. Having the 4 seat golf cart makes it easy to explore the complex as well as the rest of the island.

Ocean Cottages at Jekyll Island Kitchen

The home itself is beautifully designed, and was built in 2017. The kitchen features high end appliances with enough dining seating for large groups. The deck is about as close to the beach as you will find at the Jekyll Island Cottages, or anywhere on the island. With 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, Ocean Cottage 111 is rated to sleep 8, making it a pretty good value on a price per bedroom standpoint. Average VRBO review score 4.8/5.0 (28 reviews) Check Pricing and Availability of Ocean Cottage #111 on

4. Crowes Nest, a 4BR Jekyll Island Beachfront House Rental

Crowes Nest is a beautifully decorated 4 bedroom house right off the beach on Jekyll Island. The owners, Don and Kristina, take pride in ensuring every guest has a great experience, and it shows in the reviews. The Crowes Nest is every bit as nice as any of the houses in the Cottages at Jekyll Island complex, but at a much lower price point. If having access to a pool isn’t high on your priority list, this is a great option.

The ocean views from the elevated decks here are a big perk, as is the proximity to Downtown Jekyll Island. It’s just a short walk to many shops and restaurants. Because Crowes Nest is such a good value and gets great reviews, it’s sometimes really hard/impossible to book during busy season. 4.9/5.0 (11 reviews) Check Pricing and Availability of Crowes Nest on

3. Briney Breeze at Ocean Oaks, a Brand New 4BR Jekyll Island Rental

Briney Breeze is the newest Jekyll Island vacation rental on this list, and is in a much smaller complex than The Cottages at Jekyll Island. The interior is simply stunning. The one downfall to this unit is that the oak trees between the beach and the house make it hard to have the big panoramic ocean view you might be expecting from a house next to the beach. We are really nitpicking here, but it’s just something to be aware of.

This 4 bedroom 4 bathroom home accommodates up to 12 guests. The abundance of living space and outdoor decks and patios keeps it from feeling cramped even with large groups. The Ocean Oaks complex’s pool and clubhouse/bar are just a short walk from the house and is a great spot to let the kids burn off some energy. I’d say the pricing is pretty high on this and other Ocean Oaks rental units, but being brand new has kept the rental demand really high. The fact that these are the newest cottages on Jekyll Island means you will be paying a premium to stay here. There are a couple other units at Ocean Oaks available to rent on VRBO as well, if Briney Breeze is booked. 5.0/5.0 (11 reviews) Check Pricing and Availability of Briney Breeze on

2. The Oakridge Cottage, a Beachfront 3BR Jekyll Island Vacation Rental

The Oakridge Cottage almost took the top spot on this list based on the ocean views alone. You absolutely won’t find a better panoramic ocean views from any other vacation rental house on Jekyll Island. The floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen and living room areas look out over the huge deck steps off the beach.

The Oakridge Cottage is pretty new to the rental market, with only 1 5* review at the time of posting. The interior won’t wow you by being over the top luxurious like some of the other rentals on this list, but the views and value more than make up for it. 5.0/5.0 (1 review) Check Pricing and Availability of Oakridge Cottage on

1. Duneside, a 5BR Jekyll Island Beachfront House Rental with Pool

Last but not least, the top spot on our list is Duneside. A sprawling house that can accommodate up to 14 guests, Duneside is the overall best unit available to rent on Jekyll Island. From the heated beachfront pool to the elevated observation deck, this house is packed with features and amenities to entertain large families.

Although Duneside seems expensive, the price per bedroom is actually a fairly good value, especially when compared to 5 separate hotel rooms. The reviews are flawless, and I would not hesitate to book this unit if you can utilize the massive amount of space. There is actually only a 3 night minimum on Duneside, making a long weekend with the whole family a great option. 5.0/5.0 (7 reviews) Check Pricing and Availability of Duneside on

We hope this article makes finding Jekyll Island rentals a fun part of the vacation planning experience. We get that not everyone enjoys the searching and planning part of taking a vacation, so our goal is always to try and make that process a little less stressful for our readers. There are a ton of great Jekyll Island vacation rentals available, so don’t worry if all of these units are sold out. It can be especially hard during peak tourist season to book a larger Jekyll Island beach house, but be persistent in checking for openings and last minute cancellations and it can pay off.

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