Top 5 Sanibel Island Boat Rental Companies

Renting a boat while visiting Sanibel is one of the most unique and exciting ways to explore the area. For years I never even considered renting a boat, assuming it would be way to expensive. I was shocked to find out you can rent a boat for the day for around $200! You don’t even need to be an experienced boater, the staff of these Sanibel Island boat rental companies will give you a quick training session before they send you on your way.

One of the many Jensen’s Marina Pontoon Rentals

This list does not include ALL of the options available for a Sanibel Island boat rental company, but these are the Top 5 companies that we have experience with and recommend:

5. Sunny Island Adventures

Our first entry is actually a Captiva boat rental company but close enough right? Sunny Island Adventures is located at the Marina on site at the South Seas Resort. While their prices are a touch higher than other boat rental companies on Sanibel and Captiva, the proximity to Cabbage Key and other barrier islands make this a good choice. You can rent a 24′ deck boat here and take the family north to Caya Costa or Cabbage Key and find a pristine private shelling beach. Website:

4. CWS at Tween Waters Inn

Located right off the bridge separating Sanibel and Captiva at the Tween Waters Inn resort, CWS is a great company. They rent fishing boats, large deck boats, jet skis, kayaks, and offer many tours and activities like parasailing. One nice perk when renting from CWS is that every boat is equipped with a extendable canopy and sun shade, as well as coolers filled with ice. You can’t beat that on a hot day. Website:

3. Paradise Boat Rentals

If you are looking for an all inclusive Sanibel Island boat rental company Paradise has you covered. The value they offer by including fishing rods, wakeboards, towable tubes and more. You can rent a top of the line 20′ Bennington Pontoon, FULLY outfitted (even GPS navigation) for $295 for the entire day. They do fill up quick though, so if they have an opening I encourage you to act quickly. Website:

2. Port Sanibel Marina

Without question, Port Sanibel boat rentals offer the largest fleet and newest boats of any of Sanibel Island boat rental companies on this list. They have more different kind of boats available to rent than just about anyone in Southwest Florida. Most of the boats are new, and they are always sparkling clean. Prices are really competitive and the marina store has everything you need to get loaded up for your trip. The one and only negative to Port Sanibel is that it is located just across the Sanibel Causeway, which can be a long haul during heavy traffic. Website:

1. Jensen’s Marina

While they don’t have the newest boats or fanciest marina, they have one thing in abundance: Value. You simply cannot beat the pricing, service, and availability of Jensen’s Marina. When you need a Sanibel Island Boat rental, this is the spot. You can rent a 16 foot bay boat perfect for checking out the shallow mangrove forests of Sanibel or fishing for redfish or snook. The price? $130 for 4 hours. You can rent fishing poles and live bait right at the marina and the staff will even make you a map of some honey holes to try. If you aren’t interested in fishing they have 24′ pontoons for the whole family as well as deck boats. Once you experience the friendly service and convenience of Jensen’s, you will be back every time you are in Sanibel. Website:


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