Top Rated Condo Rentals at Pointe Santo Sanibel Island

Picture perfect view from E45's Lanai

Pointe Santo de Sanibel is one of our favorite condo complexes on Sanibel Island. It’s often overwhelming trying to find a condo rental on Sanibel Island, and can be a stressful process searching multiple websites. In this article we will highlight the highest rated condo units available on VRBO, giving you piece of mind that you have picked the right condo. Almost every unit at Pointe Santo Sanibel has at least a partial beach view, and condos in building A and building E all have direct beachfront views and access. If a pristine beach view is on your must have list, you will want to select a condo in building A or E. Without further ado, here’s our top picks:

Unit E45 2BR Beachfront Penthouse

Picture perfect view from E45’s Lanai

Without question, this is the BEST condo rental available at Pointe Santo Sanibel. The views from this unit are some of the best on Sanibel Island, or even all of Southwest Florida. It was recently beautifully remodeled (2018) and even comes with a private sun deck on the roof that is accessed by a spiral staircase on the patio. The kitchen as you will see in the listing page here: is well appointed and high end. The owners David and Carol do a great job of including many of the essentials, like all soaps and paper products. The current average price for this unit is $345 per night, its important to note this varies based on the time of year. If you can fit this unit in your vacation budget it will be a trip that you will not forget. The reviews on this unit are a near perfect 4.95/5 based on verified users on VRBO. Frequent Islander Grade: A+ Check Unit E45’s Availability:

Unit E46 2BR Beachfront Penthouse

E46’s Beautiful Kitchen

This is the adjacent unit to E45, and although the view isn’t quite as perfect as E45, its really darn close. This unit was remodeled in 2013 and has a private sundeck like E45 (they are separate though). The master shower in this unit is HUGE and looks like it could be out of a magazine. Much of the furnishings in this unit have a modern Scandinavian style, which is rare for condos in this area. The owner of this condo, Renee, is great to work with and is an expert on the area should you ever have any questions or concerns. The average nightly price for E46 is a little cheaper than E45 at $279 which is a nice savings. The VRBO reviews also come in at 4.95/5. No matter if you choose E45 or E46, you are going to be blown away by the views and elegance. Frequent Islander Grade: A+ Check Unit E46’s Availability:

Unit D33 2BR Beach View, Our Value Pick

View from D33’s Lanai

It can be tough to find a rental at Pointe Santo Sanibel for stays less than a week, and even tougher to find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. D33 can be rented nightly in the Fall and Winter months, and often for a tremendous value. I see availability for this condo in December for around $150 a night. It doesn’t get much better than this price wise on Sanibel Island. With this unit you aren’t directly on the beach like the previous units, but you still have a great ocean view. One bonus with this unit is the second bedroom actually has 2 beds, which is a great option if you are bringing kids. The unit was recently remodeled and is always super clean. The value for the price on this unit is unmatched in the Pointe Santo de Sanibel complex. Frequent Islander Grade: A- Check D33’s Availability here:

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