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Hello travelers!  I created this site as a way to share some of my knowledge on travel, specifically island travel.  I have always been fascinated with islands, even as a child.  When I plan a vacation I obsess about every single detail.  I have been told I have travel planning OCD.  I truly enjoy the planning process that goes into taking a vacation.  My friends sometime ask them to help plan (or completely plan) their trips, and some have said I must have been a travel agent in another life.

As much as I would love to have been a travel agent, that occupation is becoming extinct at a rapid pace.  Not only are travel agents a dying breed, but I fully believe you DO NOT NEED ONE to travel.  A little research from the right places (like Frequent Islander 🙂 ), and even the most complicated exotic island vacation is doable.  You can be your own travel agent and be proud of the awesome vacation you’ve planned.

At the same time, I know not everyone finds enjoyment in complicated island vacation planning (I know, I’m weird).  That is where I hope that Frequent Islander can help make planning a little easier, possibly fun!  Anyone can head to an island, stay at a chain hotel, and do the activities in the hotel lobby tourist flyer rack.  You can experience something like renting a house on the beach and eating at the local’s restaurant for the same price as that chain hotel, with a little planning.  I hope that Frequent Islander makes planning your island vacation a breeze, from learning how to book a rental home on VRBO to taking a ferry to your new island adventure.

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